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Other Research Partners

Other Research Partners

The DRC Future State has other research partners, as well as our institutional partners.


Programme 1 Public Action and Private Investment

Eun Choi: Formerly at IDS, Eun moved to take up a teaching post in Korea in 2008. Despite a relatively short time working with the DRC Future State Eun developed a reputation for quality, consistence and timeliness in her research. The DRC subsequently offered a two year appointment as an associate 'Fellow of the Centre for Future State'. In this capacity Eun continues to collaborate with the DRC Future State. Eun works on the 'The Politics of Local Fee Extraction and Business Development in China' project.

Abla Abdel-Latif: Professor of Economics, American University of Cairo, Egypt Abla is currently leading the research on the 'Constructing Common Interests between Policymakers and Private Investors in Egypt' project.

Dr. Christian von Luebke: Shorenstein Fellow 2008/9, Stanford. For more information click here.
Arianto Patunru: Director of Research, Lembaga Penelitian Ekonomi Masyarakat Universitas Indonesia (LPEM-UI Institute for Socio-Economic Research), Jakarta , Indonesia.
Christan and Arianto work on 'The Political Economy of the Local Investment Climate in Indonesia' project.

Dr. Kaiyong Ge (China-Africa Business Council) and Prof. Song Hong (CASS) in the 'China's Private Sector Investment and the Investment Climate in Africa' project.
Prof. Rongping Kang (CASS) has also provided invaluable assistance in this project.

The DRC is also grateful for the continued efforts of our friends in Vietnam:
Nhat Nguyen Duc: 'Development and Policies Research Centre'
Pham Thi Thu Thang: 'Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry'
Nguyen Thang: 'Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences'

Programme 2 Collective Action Around Service Delivery

Aheli Chowdhury: Aheli currently co-ordinates the researchers in the Indian component of BIM - Modes of Service Delivery project. Aheli has been a member of JOSH (Joint Operation for Social Help), creating awareness of the Right to Information Act amongst India's slum dwellers.

Harini Narayanan: Independent Researcher based in New Delhi India. Harini is currently carrying out research work for the DRC Future State, under Programme 2, and contributing to the BIM - Modes of Service Delivery project.

Suchi Pande: Suchi contributes to the BIM - Modes of Service Delivery project and has recently joined IDS on a Commonwealth Scholarship to complete a D.Phil in Development. Suchi has been the Secretary for the National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) in India.

Shipra Bhatia: Shipra is a researcher on the 'BIM - Modes of Service Delivery' project.

Arnab Acharya: Arnab is a former fellow at IDS now working at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Arnab has made valuable contributions to Programme 2.

Thanks also to Shakti Kak (Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies), for her help and support on programme 2 and to Louise Tillen for her assistance on this and other programmes..

Programme 3 State Capacity

Javier Arellano: Currently a DPhil student and researcher at IDS. Javier has a varied background in academia and practical development in the South.

Juan Carlos Machado-Puertas: Juan is currently a doctoral student at IDS and is providing research assistance to the Politics of Resource Dependancy project.

Giulia Mascagni: Giulia is a student at the University of Sussex and with Juan provides research assistance to Programme 3.

Sanjay Lodha: Is currently the principle investigator in Rajasthan for the Informal Local Governance Institutions project. Sanjay is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur.


Over the lifetime of the DRC Future State a number of researchers and individuals have collaborated with us. We are immesnely grateful for their input over the years and the value they have added to the research programme.
For details on some of those who have worked with us in the past click here.

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