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Taxation and governace


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International Centre for Tax and Development

The success of the work undertaken by the Centre for the Future State can, in part, be measured by the sustainability of it's impact. It is therefore very pleasing that a new Research Programme Consortium has been established with funding secured from both DFID (through the UKAid budget) and NORAD, the Norweigian government's development agency.

The new consortium is a five year programme to look in depth at the links between better systems of taxation and better governance. It builds very much on the work of the Centre for the Future State and will involve some of the researchers that worked on this earlier consortium.

To the right there are links to the basic principles that will guide the ICTD over the next five years. The CEO will be Mick Moore (formerly director of the CFS) and the Programme Manager and Administrator will be Adam Randon and Camilla Walsh respectively - also previous CFS admin staff. All queries can be made in the first instance to the Programme Manager.

The CFS hopes and believes that the ICTD is built on a solid foundation of work conducted by the CFS and will expand to meet the challenges of tackling the very important issue of taxation and development.

ICTD seeks consultant on Research Uptake Strategy

Getting the research to the right people and making real impact on policy making, and the general debate, is key to the success of the ICTD. To make sure that the centre has a coherent and effective strategy from the start it is currently inviting tenders from experienced individuals or groups to consult with the consortium, design and write it's Research Uptake Strategy.

The selection process is now completed and no more bids are invited

Research Uptake Strategy - Consultant Terms of Reference

All initial enquiries should be made to the Programme Manager Adam Randon



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