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December 2008 The DRC is exploring opportunities for greater collaboration with the 'London International Development Centre'. LIDC is a collaborative project bringing together social and natural scientists from across the University of London's six Bloomsbury Colleges - Birkbeck, Institute of Education, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Royal Veterinary College, School of Oriental and African Studies, and The School of Pharmacy. We hope such a collaboartion will help the DRC to communicate its work more widely and effectively to an academic audience.
Former IDS communications officer Guy Collender, who has worked with the DRC in past, is currently employed at LIDC and recently covered a talk by Jing Gu, our lead researcher on the Chinese Investment in Africa project. Click here for further information

December 2008 Much interest was given to the Doha Review conference this month. We are especially pleased that the OECD sought our advice for Angel Gurria's speech from Mick. More information on our Taxation pages

December 2008 The DRC is very grateful to Kripa Ananthpur for her efforts in communicating her research findings. Since Septmeber Kripa has lectured at MIT under the SPURS/IDG lecture series, attended a conference in salzburg, produced a Key Issues paper for the IDS website and been awarded a ESRC-ICSSR India-UK Scholarship.

December 2008 Sam Turner who has been helping out the DRC on a part time basis will be taking a short break to concentrate further on his own studies. The DRC and myself in particular would like to thank Sam for his excellent contribution and assistance. We hope to see him back at the DRC for another short term stint from February 2009.

November 2008 "Facing the Dilemmas of Representation in Participatory Governance." - In partnership with the DRC Future State CEBRAP have begun the launch of a training booklet for leaders of Brazilian CSO's. More Information can be found here.

October 2008 Congratulations and a warm welcome to Suchi Pande who has now arrived at IDS to begin a DPhil with funding from the Commonwealth Scholarship. Suchi's application was supported by the DRC Capacity Building Programme and the efforts of the Capacity Building administrator, Linda Bateman.

August 2008 Camilla Walsh has temporarily left the DRC Future State on maternity leave. Her magnificant efforts during the ACM, CARG and ManCom meetings in June ensured the events were the great success they were. She will be missed greatly over the coming months; I'm sure I speak for everyone connected with the DRC in wishing her all the best and thanking her for her drive, commitment and dedication. We hope to see Camilla return sometime in the Summer of 2009.

May - August 2008 This summer the Centre Director, Mick Moore, has been busy attending a number of meetings and conferences in relation to the DRC Future State's work on taxation and governance. More details can be found on our taxation and governance page here.

A warm welcome to Adam Randon, who joined the coordination team at IDS on 6 May 2008. Adam will be project coordinator.


Possible Forthcoming September 2009 APSA (American Political science Association) The ILGI project is considering presenting their work as a a panel at the APSA conference in September 2009. To be confirmed.

Possible Forthcoming 27th - 29th April 2009 PAPI Workshop
Plans are being made to try and hold the PAPI workshop in Dubai in the Spring of 2009. The event maybe held in collaboration with the Dubai School of Governance. Details will be confirmed in January 2009.

Forthcoming 26th - 27th February 2009 DRC Future State Management Committee and Centre Advisory Review Group meetings These meetings will review the progress and state of affairs. The agenda and focus of the programmes final year will also be determined. Committee members only will be invited but minutes may be available on request.

11th - 12th November 2008 International Workshop, IEP Peru The New Paradox of Plenty in the Andes: Budget coalitions, sub national governments and social monitoring
For more information click here.
A report from the Workshop by Javier Arellano can be found on the main IDS Webpages here

The CARG and ManCom meetings held in June 2008 proved very successful. ManCom gave approval to a number of new projects but also reaffirmed that the focus of the final two years of the DRC Future State will be on completing existing projects and producing and disseminating significant outputs from the research. CARG supported the decisions taken by ManCom members and approved a reallocation of funds to ensure we can meet the goals we have set.

Many thanks to all those who attended the ACM and Capacity Building events this year. We had some very positive feedback for which we are very grateful and we hope you had an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
For my part I was very impressed with the quality of presentations and the dedication and enthusiasm on display.
We will not be holding a formal ACM or training workshop at IDS next year and further details of alternative arrangements will be forthcoming.

24-26 June 2008 DRC Future State Annual Centre Meeting to be held at IDS, Brighton Sussex. By Invitation only

09-20 June 2008 Capacity Building Training Workshops to be held at IDS, Brighton, Sussex. This coincided with the DRC Future State Annual Centre Meeting which takes place on 24-26 June 2008. The main structure of this training is to provide essential learning tools for young and senior researchers



In 2007, we have the following Visiting Fellows at IDS

Gideon Selorm Hosu-Porbley - CEPRESE Ghana 17-30 August 2007

Funded by the Capacity Building Programme:
Carlos Freire Torres - CEBRAP Brazil: 2 April-28 July 2007
Dorothy McCormick - IDS Nairobi Kenya: 1 March-10 August 2007
Kalpana Karunakaran - MIDS India: 27 February-29 April 2007

A warm welcome to Nardia Simpson, who joined the coordination team at IDS on 21 February 2007. Nardia will be project coordinator - job sharing with Camilla Walsh.

26 January 2007 Can Political Science Speak to Policymakers? Paper prepared by Sue Unsworth for PSA Development Politics Group 2nd Annual Conference, International Development Department, University of Birmingham, 26 January 2007


28-29 June 2007 Workshop on 'Public Action and Private Investment' (PAPI), DRC Future State. held at IDS, Brighton Sussex. Click here for workshop programme

26-28 June 2007 DRC Future State Annual Centre Meeting held at IDS, Brighton Sussex.

18-22 June 2007 Methodology Training and Writeshop Week held at IDS, Brighton, Sussex. This coincided with the DRC Future State Annual Centre Meeting which took place on 26-28 June 2007. The main structure of this methodology training and writeshop week is to provide essential learning tools.

24 April 2007 Dangerous Ideas in Development - Why Are Aid Donors Frightened of Taxation? The latest IDS ‘Dangerous Ideas in Development' event at Westminster presented by Mick Moore and John Christensen.

19-22 March 2007 Informal Institutions End of Year Workshop. To be held at: Lahore Pakistan
The objective of the workshop is to synthesise the fieldwork and research of the first phase of the Information Instiituions Project under the State Capacity Programme 3



21 November 2006 - Mick Moore attended a meeting of the OECD DAC GOVNET Working Group on Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Accountability in Paris. This was to help prepare a new GOVNET workstream on this topic

7 November 2006 - Mick Moore gave a talk on Global Dimensions of Anti-Corruption to a Government of Vietnam Study Tour on anti-corruption, including three ministerial-level members, organized by the Crown Agents, London

23 October 2006 - The BBC World Service Programme 'Newshout' used the DRC website to identify Mick Moore for an interview about the implications of the apparent discovery of oil and gas reserves in Zambia

11-13 October 2006 - Nepal is passing through a series of major political transitions. In October 2006,  the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and its Enabling State Programme  (Kathmandu) invited Mick Moore to Nepal to discuss issues of building effective states with people in Nepal: politicians, civil society activists, journalists, public servants, and aid agency staff.  Mick Moore took part in three workshops and several meetings.  The attached paper - State Building in Nepal: Some Medium Term Policy Ideas - was produced after these meetings, and has been made publicly available by the Enabling State Programme to encourage further discussion.

7 September 2006 - Mick Moore gave the key note address to the session on 'Tax Reform in Developing Countries - how can we establish accountable resource mobilisation?' at the GTZ Annual Public Finance Conference in Frankfurt.

21 August 2006 - Mick Moore gave a talk on 'taxation and good governance' to a Management Course for tax administrators organised by the Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators

2 August 2006 - CPS held a seminar which was jointly organised with the African National Congress (ANC) Economic Transformation Committee (ETC) and ANC's Economic Cluster in the National Parliament. Senior officials of the ANC, Members of Parliament, academics, representatives of civil society organisations and the trade unionists attended..

lst August 2006 - CPS held a seminar at the Union Building for senior policy makers in the office of President Thabo Mbeki. At the seminar, Prof. Evans made a presentation entitled 'Building a 21 st Century Developmental State : Internal Structures, State-Society Relations and Organisational Culture'.

1st and 2nd August 2006 - CPS South Africa, hosted one of the world leading authorities on the 'State and Economic Transformation', Prof. Peter Evans of the University of California, Berkeley USA.

26 July 2006 - Omano Edigheji, CPS South Africa was the main speaker to a seminar by the Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) to the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) to make on presentation on the potential of a democratic developmental in South Africa . The seminar was attended by representatives of all the NEDLAC constituencies, namely: government, business, trade unions and civil society.

July 2006 - World Bank - Andres Mejia Acosta and Mick Moore met John Davidson of the World Bank's PREM network to disucss the implications of DRC research as published especially in 'Signposts to More Effective States' for the operational work heis planning on political leadership and ethnics.

22-23 June 2006 - Writers and Thinkers on Panchayati Raj (Organised by the Government of India. GS Ganesh Prasad attended this workshop where he presented a paper on 'Ground Realities of Panchayat Finances'. The workshop was organised around the 150 Action Points contained in the Compendium of Conclusions.

31 May 2006 - The Left in Latin America and the Implications for Development - Mick Moore was chair of a panel which included Laurence Whitehead (Nuffield, Oxford), Joe Foweraker (Esses), Franciso Toro (Journalist Venezuela) and Sue Branford (Journalist). This event was also part of the event series 'Latin America in the Spotlight'.

April 2006 - Sue Unsworth gave a seminar for the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and presented the DRC research on the South African revenue service. As a result representatives from the KRA went to South Africa to meet with their counterparts in SARS

2 February 2006 - Extracts from a Speech by Hilary Benn on Political Governance, Corruption and the Role of Aid, London.

'Our history tells us that public institutions evolve through a process of 'bargaining between the state and groups in society'.
Signposts to More Effective States:
'Unlike conventional approaches that start with the symptoms of bad governance and look for solutions, the DRC research is concerned with the underlying causes...Historically this has happened through a process of interaction, bargaining and competition between holders of state power and organised groups in society'
'Processes of bargaining and negotiation between states and societal interests are central to the construction of effective, legitimate public authority.'

19-21 January 2006 - Seventh Annual Global Development Conference Institutions and Development: At the Nexus of Global Change - was held in St Petersbury Russia. The two-day annual global development conference organised by GDN aimed to examine the role of institutions in the development process. The DRC was invited to present the findings of Signposts to More Effective States in a session entitled: 'National and International Governance in a Globalising World'. The panellists who attended and presented the reserarch findings were Adrian Gurza Lavalle (CEBRAP Brazil), Niraja Jayal, Anuradha Joshi (IDS UK), Mick Moore (IDS UK) and Sue Unsworth.

13 January 2007 - in Johannesburg , Omano Edigheji was the Guest Speaker at the launch of the Southern Africa Trade Union Coordination Council's (SATUCC) new book entitled The search for sustainable, human development in Southern Africa . The book is published under the auspices of the Alternatives for Neo-liberalism in Southern Africa (ANSA).

January 2006 - Peter Houtzager gave a seminar entitled: 'When do the poor demand better services? A comparative study of Johannesburg, Mexico City, Mumbai and Sao Paulo 1985-2005' at the Centre for Brazilian Studies, Oxford.

In 2006, under the new DRC Capacity Building Visiting Fellowship Programme, we had the following researchers visit IIDS:

Ronald Adamtey from CEPRESE, Ghana
Georgina Blanco Mancilla from Universidad Nacional-Autonome de Mexico
Carlos Torres Freire from CEPRAP, Brazil
Manabi Majumdar from the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
Karen Coelho Independent researcher from Chennai, India (now based at MIDS, India
Kripa Ananthpur from the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) India
Harini Narayanan Independent researcher from Chennai, India


Centre Advisory Review Group (CARG)
IDS hosted this meeting last year on June 2006. The Group reviewed the Centre's progress and reflected on the Director's Annual Report of Centre Activities. General approval was given to the Centre's strategy and members encouraged the DRC to continue its good efforts in disseminating the new research work in the new Phase 2 - 2005-2010. If you would like to receive a copy of the CARG Meeting Minutes, please apply in writing to the project coordinator, Camilla Walsh .

Annual Centre Meeting (ACM)
The 2006 Annual Centre Meeting was held at IDS in June. It was an important meeting in terms of hearing research proposal presentations and making funding allocation to projects

To coincide with this the DRC also held a three-day Writeshop and a one-day Network Analysis Workshop, both of which fall under the new Capacity Building Programme launched in 2005.



8 December 2005 - Joseph Ayee has been elected as a Fellow of the Ghana Academcy of Arts and Sciences at the 142nd General Meeting of Fellows. His inaugural lecture scheduled for December this year will be on 'Cabinet Reshuffles in Ghana since Independence'.

6 December 2005 - Mick Moore presented the Signposts report at a seminar in Dublin on Governance, Accountability and Aid Effectiveness organised by Trocaire.

18 November 2005 - Sue Unsworth was invited to participate in a Ministerial 'roundtable' meeting in Ottawa to discuss a draft strategy document on CIDA's approach to governance. This is part of a much bigger review of foreign and development policy. In March, she participated in an official level meeting and sat on a three person panel with Shabbi Cheema, UN (DESA) and Mari-Angelique Savane, President of the NEPAD African Peer Review Mechanism.

22 October 2005 - The Signposts work was singled out by delegates from Canada and Australia as being first rate in public discussion at GovNet, while the new agendas of state building and politics of taxation directly emanate from this work.


21 June 2005 - 'New Challenges in State Building' Conference
The DRC Future State hosted a one day conference in London: 'How can poor countries build more effective, accountable public institutions which are responsive to the needs of poor people? Why have traditional approaches of transplanting formal institu tio ns from rich to poor countries had limited success? What could work better? The conference, which brought together policymakers, scholars and journalists, drew on a five year research programme funded by DFID and carried out by the Centre for the Future State, as well as insights from other scholars and practi tioners.

Keynote speakers include:
Thomas Carothers , Director of the Democracy and Rule of Law Programme at the Carnegie Endowment for Interna tio nal Peace.
Mick Moore, Director of the Centre for the Future State .
Peter Evans , Professor of Sociology, University of California , Berkeley
Panel Discussion with Hugo Eduardo Beteta Mendez-Ruiz (Minister of Planning, Guatemala ); Sheela Patel (SPARC); Maxwell Kofi Jumah (MP for Asokwa and ex Chief Executive of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Ghana ) and others.

Key questions include:
•  What are the underlying causes of bad governance in poor countries?
•  Why does tax matter?
•  Why do we need new thinking about the politics of institu tio nal change?
•  What really lies behind the challenge of deepening democracy and establishing the rule of law?
•  What motivates poor people to mobilise, and states to engage with them?
•  Are there innovative ways in which public and private sector actors are coming together to improve services?
•  What are the implications for policy makers?

Signposts to More Effective States - Responding to Governance Challenges in Developing Countries, Brighton: IDS, June. (full version available to download)




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