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News and Events



News and Events



September 2009 After giving birth and looking after newborn Jasper for the last year Camilla has returned to the fold. That makes us happy!

September 2009 The DRC annual report has been submitted to DfID and will be available from the R4D website in the near future.

August 2009 It is with profound sadness that the DRC announces the loss of much loved colleague Linda Bateman. Those who worked with her knew the dedication she showed to the job and her boundless kindness and helpful nature.

Please accept apologies for a lack of web updates during the last few months

May 2009 Sam Turner has completed his final two month employment at the Centre. We wish well for the future.

May 2009 Agreement with the Panos Relay programme has been reached on a set of activities during this year, subject to securing funding.

April 2009 The new financial year (2009/10) has begun. An expected expenditure this year in the region of £740,000 has been agreed with the Management Committee and our funders at DfID.

April 2009 Erich Manga has been accepted for a commonwealth scholarship. See the Capacity Builidng section for more details.

March 2009 Plans to collaborate with the PANOS Relay programme to disseminate our research to a wide audience of media and academia in the 'South' are looking increasingly promising. It is hoped that a collaboration would be immensely fruitful for both organisations.

March 2009 Kripa Ananthpur, a DRC partner from MIDS, has come to IDS on an ESRC scholarship.

February 2009 Sam Turner has rejoined us on a temporary basis.

January 2009 Sam Turner will once again be joining the team for a two month period from February.

January 2009 Happy New Year! It's been a slow start news-wise if not work-wise, but keep checking here for general DRC Future State news, and the front page and project pages for project specific news.


26th - 27th February 2009 DRC Future State Management Committee and Centre Advisory Review Group meetings
These meetings took place at IDS, Brighton. A range of managment issues were discussed. In particular funding was granted for a continuation of the Modes of Service Delivery project into its fourth phase, further work on the PAPI Egypt project and a second phase of the CEBRAP dissemination project. Plans for producing a Signposts II paper, following on from the very successful Signposts material from our first phase (2000-2005), were also discussed.
Meetings from the meetings may be available on request.

27th - 29th April 2009 PAPI Workshop
The PAPI workshop was held in Brighton, UK, and replaced the usual Annual Centre Meeting for researchers under Programme One. Among the participants were representatives from other research consortiums (IPPG & APPP); we hope to collaborate with them in future.

September 2009 ILGI Workshop
These workshops were held in Kathmandu, Nepal. They were highly productive and successful. A report should be available soon..




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