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Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Economica y Social (CERES)

The Center for the Study of Economic and Social Reality (CERES) was founded in 1978, the group is made up of academic professionals dedicated to research and reflexive action of multiple processes related to development.
CERES aims to contribute to social change, to the elimination of the factors of poverty and consolidation of democracy within a framework of freedom, equity, equality, solidarity and diversity.



Roberto Laserna - Economist and regional and urban planner. He earned a doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley (1995), has been teaching at Princeton University, the Pacific in Lima, and San Simon in Cochabamba.
CERES researcher and President of the Millennium Foundation, and has done consulting work for the IDB, SDC, USAID, the World Bank and United Nations. Member of the Group of Commerce of the Inter American Dialogue and has participated in the area of Latin American studies from Wilson Center (Washington DC).




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