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Research Agenda

Phase 2: 2005-10
Programme 1:
Public Action & Private Investment
Programme 2:
Collective Action Around Service Delivery
Programme 3:
State Capacity

Phase 1: 2000-05

Programme 1:
Financing the State

Programme 2:
Mobilising Public Action

Programme 3:
Co-Producing Public Services

Phase 1
Programme 2: Mobilising Public Action

The overall concern of the proposed Centre is with the factors that will increase the responsiveness of governments in the South to the needs of the poor. An important determinant of this responsiveness - and the focus of Programme 2 - is the extent and nature of the domestic political pressures on Southern governments.

Programme 2 projects include:

Collective Actors and the Structure of Popular Representation in Neoliberal Political Economies
['Asociaciones y Representaciones de Intereses Populares: América Latina e India' / 'Associativismo e Representação Popular: Comparações entre a América Latina e a Índia]

Formal and Informal Local Governance, India

The Employment Guarantee Scheme, India

The central questions animating this programme are:

  1. In what ways are current economic trends, changes in socio-economic structure, and political and cultural movements influencing (a) directly, the formation of political, identities and collective action and (b) indirectly, the pressures on Southern governments to adopt pro-poor policies?
  2. What are the implications of these changes for political actors seeking to support pro-poor policies? How can donors support the creation of enabling environments for these actors?

Our focus is on how liberalisation and globalisation are affecting domestic politics, and on how changes in domestic politics are affecting public policies that impinge on poverty. Our central analytic question concerns the ways in which current changes in socio-economic structure, patterns of public action and contours of political identity may be strengthening pressures on Southern governments from some domestic actors while weakening the influence of others.



Available to view - details of projects under this Programme:

P2.1 - Identities, Interest Groups and Pro-Poor Politics, South Africa

P2.2 - Formal and Informal Local Governance in India

P2.3 - Collective Actors and the Structure of Popular Representation in Neo-liberal Democracies

P2.4 - Globalisation and Organised Labour

P2.5 - Employment Guarantee Scheme




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